Oxo mu online season 15 super easy server,

In our previous mu online season 15 servers, we fixed 99,9% of all the bugs and made sure all annoying issues are resolved. Therefore we can gladly say that this muonline server will be awesome with lots of mu players and fun factors to improve the gameplay!

Also, we implemented well-balanced mu online custom items on top of mu season 15.


Mu online servers stats:

62.000 max stats

10 points per level

99999x Super Easy

Custom jewels drop

Custom items drop

Custom maps

Custom bosses easy to kill!

Easy chaos machine rates

Plenty of spots on all maps

Earning wcoins ingame


Wcoin drops from:

Boss rathian
Fire valkerie
Enhanced Balrog
Golden rathian 20%

Devilsquare 7

Every 1 hour online in mu online
Grand resetting at our muonline website

Inviting friends by our mu online website

Custom jewels from
God of darkness



We spent a lot of time to tweak PVM and PVP for a good mu online experience!

Enjoy our almost perfect mu server!

Posted 18 / 01 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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Muonline season 16
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