Welcome mu online players, in this special edition of muonline season 17 we will provide some unique new gameplay elements to enhance our mu online experience!

Of course, we have the latest fully upgraded season 17 features including the 2 new characters and we provide some extras:

- More custom mu online bosses

- More unique new muonline wings

- More unique new sets drops to hunt ingame

- Improved ancients of manticore & brilliant to match the customs socket items

- Fun team events


Mu online custom edition season 17 episode 1


Muonline server settings

- 9999x fast gameplay server

- All customs items drops ingame, from bosses and events

- Exciting new muonline gameplay!


Posted 02 / 03 / 2022 By MuAdmin


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Mu online season 18 episode 3 - The best muonline server 2022
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