- Scale helm MG bug fix - Party EXP + exp-system changed, hard fix increased XP rates par party-member

- HP bug at different levels fixed

- Pentagram PVP damage increased

- Ring of ice resistance fix

- Ring of poison resistance fix

- Pendant of lighting resistance fix

- Pendant of ice resistance fix

- Increased non-PVP player capacity

- Reduced OP-skill Explosion hp kill.

- Added slayer BA set & weapons at x-shop

- Added RF set silver heart at x-shop

- Added SUM set silver heart at x-shop

- Fixed text of capsules, trow it on the ground to open.

- Changed all Mace Of Steel-types to scepter, so dark lord gain extra bonus from skill tree.

- Fixed BA shortsword up to soul sword damage increase damage par tier upgrade.

- Fixed awakening doesn't show ancient options ( visual bug fix )

- Added new ancient options: Defender I-II-III-IV on rings and pendants.

-- added to x-shop wcoin - special P & R and goblin-points - specials

- Minor security patches & tweaks - Added super grand reset - at 500 GR.

- Set siege date on Saturday.


Run launcher.exe or redownload now the latest fully patched client

Posted 30 / 03 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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